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Directory of Men's Groups

Men’s groups provide a safe, confidential space where men can open up and vulnerably share what is on their mind and in their heart.  They are an excellent way to form a community with like-minded men in the spirit of brotherhood. Joining a men’s group allows one to give and receive support for dealing with life’s issues: being a better dad, partner, lover, or friend, finding greater meaning, purpose and fulfillment in one’s work, or getting support for moving through one of life’s inevitable crises.


If you are looking to join a men's group in your area, use the search function in your browser (likely “Control + F”) to search this page for your state and the first three digits of your zip code. Then, email the contact listed to inquire about joining.


If you lead a men’s group, please feel free to enter it below for others to find using the following format(within 250 characters):


State: Zip code; Description (any information you’d like such as focus, location, and meeting frequency); Group size limits (if any); Contact name; Contact email; Contact website (if applicable)

Sample Entry:


CA: 95032 Los Gatos; 2-Hour sessions “During a crisis period in my life, participating in this men’s group was a life-saver” - Jim J.; Gary Plep; LCSW (408) 399-5545;;

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